Free domain registration with

Get Free domain on supports full DNS.To get free domain with follow this step by step.

First you have to choose a Domain name.Domain name means the address that your visitors come typing your url in address bar. Like as is my Domain name.Domain name may be your name,your organization name whatever you like. But keep it in your mind that the Domain name should be easy and helpful to remember your visitor.

After deciding Domain name you have to check out the name availability. You may check out your Domain name here. Just type your Domain name and click availability.

Now go to

First open a account here. No need to pay any fee to register it is free.
After successfully account registration  login to your account. From here Click Getting A New Domain.In empty box type your desired Domain name and click on Check availability.Suppose your desired Domain name is abcblog and it is available in

You will see a notification on is  available.

Now after available your desired Domain name Click on "Continue to registration" A message will show that "Your new Domain has been successfully registered"
Now Free Domain registration on is complete.

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