How to warn/disable right click on Blogger or any web pages

This post helps you to provide warning right click on mouse on Blogger(Blogspot) or any other webpage using a html(javascript)code.It is not expected if someone copies your Blog posts, articles,images and other kind of information owened by you saying that the original owners of the content.What to do in this situation.

I don't think disabling right click is not the proper solution for this. Many people come to your site to read information and very small percentage of people come to your site to steal your psot,images,etc. So most people feel it disturbing and I think it is very unprofessional thing to do.

If you want to protect your post,images and etc. it is better idea to put your signature on your work such as watermark on your images.

You may also use a warning message when someone try to copy or steal your work. like that "content is copyrighted"

To use this warning message copy the below code and paste in a add gadget>>>HTML/Javascript and save it in your blogger.

 How it works ?
If you right click on the webpage, a message will pop up on screen saying that "function is "disabled". If you want to change the message with your own just replace the "function disabled" text with your own message in the javascript code.

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