How to add Google Buzz button in Blogger

Google Buzz it button
Google Buzz is a social tool from Google and it is much similar to Twitter and Facebook :). Google Buzz is a new way to start conversations about the things you find interestingYou can read more about Google Buzz at the official Google Blog . Now Google has officially released the Share Counters, So here are the steps to get the Buzz button on your blog.

1. This is the Google Buzz it Code. Copy it.

 2. Login to your Blogger Account and navigate to Layout > Edit HTML and Expand your widget templates.

 3. Now find this piece of code in your template after expanding the widget templates

And immediately after that place our Google Buzz it Code

If you were unable to find this code in your template,then look for the first occurrence of

 And immediately before that, place our Google Buzz it Code.

4. Save your template and see the results.

If you need a smaller compact button, then change normal-count to small-count in the code.If you want to show the button on the left rather than on the right, then change float:right to float:left  in the code.

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