How to change windows xp login screen ?

Default login screen of windows xp make you boring. If you can change your login screen off and on I think it will not a bad idea. To change your windows xp login screen you need following files

1. Resource Tuner
2. logonUI.exe file

I have created a customized login screen here for your help. Download this Resource Tuner with crack and logonUI.exe  free form here. DOWNLOAD

After downloading this files unzip the Login Screen by Emdad Khan.jar--> file and copy the emdadblog folder to WINDOWS\RESOURCE location. See below picture

How to change login screen

Now run emdadblog(setup).exe  (from emdadblog folder) to use this customized login screen for  windows xp. If you wish to restore the previous login screen in windows xp, then use the emdadblog(restore).exe file.

Now log off and see that your loging screen has changed like below picture

how to change login screen with resource tuner

Come to your own customized login screen. If you wish to use your own login screen rather then mine login screen you can do it. To use your own customized login screen for windows XP follow below steps

1. First install the Resource Tuner in your computer which you downloaded before.

2. Open logonUI.exe file with resource tuner.

3. Navigate to Bitmap and click on 100. See below picture

how to login screen with resource tuner

4. Now double click on 100 and choose a .bmp file of your own picture and replace with your previous .bmp picture. See below picture

5. You can also change other things such as "WELCOME" "LOGGING OFF" "SHUTDOWN" text message and so on with resource tuner.

6. After changing login screen according to you save it  as logonUI.exe and move to emdadblog folder. Now run the emdadblog(setup).exe file to use your own customized login screen.

7. Now log off to see your customized login screen.

Mission  accomplished

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