How to use msconfig options?

Msconfig helps to control windows startup programs, system boot, services as well as check hardware problem. Using msconfig you can check your hardware stability.When we use msconfig command in run, a new window will appear with the following options in windows XP :

General, SYSTEM.INI, WIN.INI, BOOT.INI, Services and Startup.

I will describe you all of the msconfig options in this tutorial.

To open msconfig  options, first go to start -> run -> type msconfig -> and press ENTER. A screen will appear like below this

How to use msconfig?
See in the above picture, 6 options are available that i have mentioned earlier time.

Now start with General options in msconfig.

In General options there is 3 options as well as 5 sub options.

Normal Startup helps you to load all device drivers and services

Diagnostic Startup helps you to load only basic devices and services only. If you face any problem to start your computer in normal mode, you can use this options.

Selective Startup helps you to use your own like.
Caution : Do not modify first three options. If you modify your computer will not work perfectly.

Now go to SYSTEM.INI options

How to use msconfig?

If you are beginner don't change anything here.

Now move on WIN.INI options.

How to use msconfig?

This options is suitable for advanced user. Beginner stay away from changing this options

Now move on BOOT.INI options

How to use msconfig?
In this options you can change the BOOT menu options. I think you have noticed when you start your computer a option will appear to choose which Operating system you will like to use. And 30 seconds countdown start. Look at the picture in blue mark. When I start my computer "Microsoft Windows XP Professional" show in first then "Microsoft Windows XP professional(TuneUP Backup)" show in second

Now if  I want to change the queue 1 to 2nd position, I have to just move down "Microsoft Windows XP Professional" using Move Down options in here.

In Timeout option change the value as you like. It will show a countdown when your computer start.

 /SAFEBOOT : if you use this option your computer start in SAFE MODE after restart. You may also go to safe mode using F8 when computer start.

/NOGUIBOOT : If you use this option no Graphical User Interface(GUI) will show when computer start.

/BOOTLOG : This option helps you to log Boot process in Ntbtlog.txt file in systemroot folder.

/BASEVIDEO : Use this options if  you suspect that your computer is not working because of PCI driver problem. This option helps you login your computer in Standard Video Graphics Adapter(VGA). After login to your computer you can repair PCI Driver.

/SOS : This option helps you to see which device drivers are loaded when computer start.

You may use Advanced Options if you are a advanced user.

Notice :
You may change the Boot screen name "Microsoft Windows XP Professional" according to your name in BOOT.INI option. See how to :

To change Boot screen name "Microsoft Windows XP Professional" to "" I follow this way ....

Right click on My Computer. Go to Properties. From here go to Advanced option and click on "Startup and Recovery" Settings.

How to change Boot menu name?
A new window will appear and from here click on edit

How to change Boot menu name?
Now I have changed the name "Microsoft Windows XP Professional" to "" You may also change the name as you like but don't forget to keep change within " "

How to change Boot menu name?
See my final boot screen picture

How to change Boot menu name?
Now go to Service options

How to use msconfig?

In this options you can change the services behaviour when your computer start. Modify the services at your own responsibility. Because various kinds of services start at windows startup because of  various users configuration.

Now move to Startup option

How to use msconfig?
Startup options helps you configure program startup behaviour when your computer start. Disable the unnecessary startup program from being launch at startup. One of the main reasons to take long time when your computer login, because many program start automatically when your computer start.You have to  Enable or Disable Startup program by own responsibility because it differs from users to users configurations.

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