How to show page number in blogger ?

You might have seen page navigation for almost all wordpress users, after waiting so long now blogger users also can have paging in blogger.

Follow this steps to implement page navigation in blogger/ show page number in blogger.

Step 1 : Go to Layout/Design > Page Element > add a gadget > HTML/Javascript and add the code below

After installing this gadget code proceed for label fix

Step 2 : Navigate to Layout/Design > Edit Html

Step 3 : Don't click the checkbox "Expand Widget Templates"

Step 4: Now find this ]]></b:skin> and replace this with below code

This is the CSS part which defines the look and feel of the page navigation. You can modify it .

Step 5 : Next is the javascript part. Find </body> and replace it with below code and modify according to your need

where you can modify ?

Var pageCount=5;

this code determines the number of post that would be displayed per page

var displayPageNum=5;

This code determines the number of additional page navigation numbers that will be displayed on the page

var upPageWord='Previous'

var downPageWord='Next'

this two lines determines the text that would be shown for the previous page and next page.


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  2. It's showing "We were unable to save your template" there any fix for it


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