How to show blogger widget in scroll box

Has your recent post blogger widget grown so longer that your recent post blogger widget look like a Burj Khalifa? If yes then it is not good for your visitor.  Because it takes much time to scroll your recent post widget in blogger from beginning to end.Another matter is, it's makes your blog not to see good. So it will be a better idea if you put your blogger widget in scroll box.As a result no matter how much it long your blog remain good look to see. To put your blogger widget in scroll box follow below steps :

First choose your blogger widget which you want to put in scroll box.

Login to your Blogger account

Find the Widget ID. See How to find blogger widget ID and Section ID

Go back to Dashboard > Design > Edit Html
(Don't forget to take Backup before you make any change)

Now Check the "Expand Widget Templates" on top right of the HTML window

Find the below code in your template (To find the code you may use Ctrl+F) :


Add the below code before ]]></b:skin> the line

Where to change :

YourWidgetId = put your own blogger widget id

Height: 200px = change height according to your wish

Save and enjoy

Blogger widget in scroll box mission accomplish


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