How to use Kaspersky BLack list Crack

This crack prevents Kaspersky from blocking keys, even after updates ! It works with all products of Kaspersky 2010,2009 and 7.It works with all languages, and all versions of windows 32bit and 64bit. It works with all products including KIS, KAV.


1. Disable Self-Defense from Kaspersky Settings.See the picture  how to do

Start Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 and go to Settings

From settings go to option and Uncheck the "Enable Self-Defense"

2. Exit Kaspersky.

First get the the Kaspersky blacklist crack from HERE

3. Open "Kaspersky Blacklist Crack.exe" and follow instructions. See picture

Double Click on Kaspersky Black list crack.exe

Step by step follow the instruction. Because we have first completed the 1 to 3 steps, here just ignore it. In step 4 just simply enter your activation key. If you have any then enter the key otherwise you may get it from HERE

If you have done everything perfectly then you will see below picture

5. Enjoy !!


  1. Thanks emdad for your kaspersky black list crack tutorial.

  2. ya i hv just finished instalation of crack.cant understand one thing can i check "Enable Self-Defense" which i disabled b4 instalation crack??

    anyway thanks.

  3. Dear sir,
    Thanks. I need the serial key for KIS 2011.I was download the KIS 2011 resetter, but see trail verson. Also I need the file ' ww\' for Office 2010.
    Thanks abd best regards.
    Md. Abdul Aziz

  4. Thanks for sharing about Kaspersky BLack list Crack tips. I already bookmarks your blog, because it's very helpful blog. Thanks !!!!


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