How to customize Blogger Template

Now has given you an opportunity to make and customize your own blogger template. You have no need to use any 3rd party template to get your desired blogger template. Here is details and step by step procedure to customize your blogger templates.

Early year of 2010 has launched a option to design>> Template Designer. By this option a blogger user easily design their own blogger template.
Blogger template
Features of new option "Template Designer: in blogger are :

1.Templates :

In templates option you have four options. Pick up one of them as you like. See the picture
Blogger template
2. Background :

In background options you have the opportunity to change the template background. You can use background options in two ways. Image background and color background. See the pictures

Blogger template : image background
Blogger template : colour background
3. Layout :

Layout option give you an 3 opportunities. Body layout, Footer layout and Adjust width

Body layout helps you modify template columns. See the picture

Blogger template : body layout
Footer layout option helps you to modify footer column. See the pictures

Blogger template : footer layout
Adjust Width helps you to modify template width. See the pictures

Blogger template : Adjust width
4. Advanced :

In advanced options you have the following options :

Blogger template : advanced option
Page text = you can modify Page text font and color here
Backgrounds = you can modify outer background, Main background, Header background

Links = you can change link color, visited colour, Hover colour.

Blog Title = you can change Font, Title colour and Description colour here.

Tabs Text = you can change Font, Text colour and Selected colour.

Tabs Background = you can change Background colour and selected colour.

Gadgets = you can change Title font style, Title colour and Alternative colour here.

Images = you can change Background colour, Border colour and Caption text colour here.

Accents = you can change separator line colour here

Add CSS = you can add any css code here

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