How to create Bootable pen drive for Vista

Bootable Pen drive for windows Vista
Without any third party software make your Pen Drive Bootable for installing Windows Vista.It is a quite easy and simple way to crate Bootable Pen Drive Windows vista . To create bootable Windows Vista follow below this :
Requirements are :
* Windows Vista Installation Disk
* 4 GB Pen drive
1. First format your pen drive in NTFS file system

2. Insert your Windows Vista installation Disk on CD Rom

3.Now open Command Prompt with administrative right

4. Provide the below command :

xcopy X:\*.* /s/e/f Y:\

Where X is the CD drive containing installation disk and Y is the Pen Drive. Change it as your own CD Drive and Pen drive letter.

5. After completing this restart your computer and go to your BIOS. From here configure your BIOS to boot from Pen Drive.

6.Now enjoy the Bootable Pen Drive Installation for Windows Vista

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  1. i made vista bootable pen drive but it gives error that "read disk error restart ctr+alt+del"


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