How To Convert File System, FAT - FAT32 to NTFS

Convert file system fat32 to ntfs
Ntfs file system is more useful then fat32. Ntfs file system provide you encryption,compresss and security option whcih are not available in fat or fat32 file system. Here is the method to convert file system, fat - fat32  to ntfs.

  • Open a dos prompt and give the command
  • Convert d: /fs:ntfs
  • This command would convert your d: drive to ntfs.
  • If the system cannot lock the drive, you will be prompted to convert it during next reboot.
  • Normally you should select yes.
  • Conversion from fat/fat32 to ntfs is non-destructive, your data on the drive will NOT be lost.
  • Be aware that converting to ntfs will make that partition of your drive unreadable under dos unless you have ntfs utilites to do so.

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