How to add twitter or tweet in your blog

Adding twitter or tweet in your blog help your visitor to quick share your articles on twitter.

1.Now see how to add twitter or tweet to your blog :

2.Login to your Blogger account.

3.Go to Dashboard>>Design>>Edit template

4.Tick the Expand widget template check box on top of right of the HTML window

5.Now find your post footer, look for following lines in your HTML codes :

6.This is your second line of post footer section. Usually a blog has 3 lines line-1 to line-3. You decide which footer line you want to place the twitter or tweet

7.Now copy the below codes :

Replace yourTwiteerButtonUrl with the link to your button. If you want to, you can change "Reading" and "Tweet this article on Twitter" phrases with your own phrases.

8.Insert the code immediately below the line in step 5. The codes now look like this

Click preview and see if your tweet his button at the footer of each post. If it does then click save template.

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