How to change blogger favicon

First of all, what is favicon? Favicon is a little icon that precedes the URL in the address bar of your browser. Favicon is also displayed on the title tab.

Change Blogger  Favicon                                                       
Below are the steps to replace your favicon:

1. Design the icon you want. You don’t need special software to design it. There are many online favicon generator sites available. This introduces 15 favicon generator sites, you can choose the one you like. Or you can search free readymade icons on the net.

2. Once you completed or found the icon, download it into your pc. After that you upload it to your image host e.g. Photobucket, Imageshack, Flickr etc. After upload, copy the URL of your icon.

3. What you want to do next is to link your favicon to your blog. Go to Dashboard>Layout>Edit HTML. Find the line marked green in your template codes (you can use Ctrl+f to activate search), this line resides near the top of your template, inside <head> section :

<link href='yournewfaviconurl' rel='shortcut icon'/>

4. You add the line marked yellow immediately before that line. Replace ‘yournewfaviconurl’ with the URL you’ve copied in step 2.

5. Save the template, and click on View blog button. You should see the new favicon on display replacing the old one. 

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